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Generations Against Bullying (GAB) provides advanced advocacy in promoting the end of bullying. This PSA awareness program comes through our mission to end the epidemic of bullying and the rising suicide rates.

Our mission is to tour schools and after-school centers across the United States, Canada and the UK, in an effort to win student household pledges as social and civil Ambassadors of Hope by becoming Upstanders.

The GAB Public Service Ambassadors, or PSA program, is embracing a fiscal reality by designing a program for the entire family to help curb this epidemic. We fully anticipate the program to be a favored interactive engagement of millions of students and their families. The program extends from the schools into the home and surrounding communities with vitally needed GAB resources.

GAB is poised to conduct an Upstander Tour to schools in support of their students with multiple like-minded organizations. GAB is providing access to advanced student challenges and remote access mentoring sessions using interactive programs to support academic excellence while supporting our GAB ‘Upstander’ advocacy.

GAB also provides schools with localized, healthy, fundraising resources that are so vital to their programs. These resources will directly help reverse negative lifestyle habits scubas bullying.

GAB in cooperation with it's partners, are enthusiastically introducing the most advanced interactive program ever provided in reversing these negative social experiences.

In a historical first, our Upstander Program can effectively provide resources to schools and after school programs simultaneously in a single social action.

Please register your school or non-profit organization for this school year coming to join the fight. Working together we become part of the GAB Upstander proactive solution in turning bystanders into Upstanders. We consider our new interactive programs the only legitimate and fun solution to the World’s biggest concerns involving student and family health and wellness.

It’s time we all stood up to the ones causing the fear and violence by their bullying which is ripping up our social fabric. The empowerment tour is encompassing the efforts of performing artists providing schools with live assemblies to curb bullying by the power of becoming an Upstander.

Join the Army of Upstanders Taking the Pledge!

“Changing the Culture of Learning” - Linda Lee, Founder

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