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Operation Dragon Fire
Operation Dragon Fire
Dragons of Romania Book Series

OperationDragon Fire

We want YOU to become a part of 'Operation Dragon Fire' and help GAB provide healthy alternative fundraising tools!

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How The Program Works

A s part of our role as an Ambassador of Hope, the focus is on how to give back to the after school programs that help develop our students.

GAB wants to encourage every one involved to strive to earn more than just awareness. When you take part in Operation Dragon Fire, you help develop vital funds for your students and organizations.

Non-Profit partners and aftercare programs are eligible for these additional funds once you register your organization.

How it Works
1. Register your school class room or organization and become an Affiliate.
2. Download the information packet (includes take-home order form for students). Download Here!
3. Your students enjoy a new way to fundraise for your school or organization with fun, awarding incentives.
4. Students return order forms back to class room to you, the teacher or team leader, for you to Sign In, report book sales and pay via Debit/Credit card or Check. Students and parents receive the books in a timely manner and you help generate funds for your school/organization!

Watch our Motivational Video.

Watch our Upstanders of Generations Against Bullying (GAB), talk about the Operation Dragon Fire fundraiser and find out how you can become an affiliate to help your school/organization.

Operation Dragon Fire

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the program and how to become an affiliate.

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01. What is the "Operation Dragon Fire" fundraising program?

Operation Dragon Fire is a free and alternative fundraising tool for students, schools, academies, and aftercare programs to help your organization with funding and eliminate unhealthy fundraising aspects. This campaign is designed to eliminate traditional sugary food fundraisers and put fun literature back into the hands of children and parents.

02. How does the program work?

Simple and easy! You can start today by registering your school or organization with our Affiliate Program and begin selling the Dragons of Romania Book Series immediately. Once you register, you will be sent an email with step-by-step instructions, a direct download link to our information packet and student take-home order form. You can then print out the order form for each particpating student to take home and start fundraising!

03. When does the organizations receive commissions of sales?

Instantly! Upon each student sale, it is tracked for easy reporting by you, the teacher or team leader, down to each student participating. The student and organization are being instantly credited to each online pledge and students can earn reward incentives.

04. How long will it take for the purchaser to receive the books after each sale?

Please allow two weeks (14 business days) to receive physical copies. However, they will also be emailed a digital copy (e-Book) within 2 business days while you await delivery of their physical copies.

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