Q. What is the Generations Against Bullying for Social Acceptance PSA?

A. The Generations Against Bullying Fighting for Social Acceptance PSA is a National Celebrity Ambassador Awareness Program for schools across the US and Canada to advocate against negative lifestyle choices promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

Q. What does the school have to do to participate?

A. Simply register for Free from any school in the USA or Canada. Thereafter, simply follow the PSA to become part of making changes happen through proactive interactive programming provided to the schools and their student households.

The programs are especially designed to reverse negative lifestyle trends such as Bullying, Suicide, Cyber Bullying and promoting social acceptance. This is In the program providing real human influences as student and Family mentors and trainers in fitness, wellness, general health, enhancement of the arts promoting social acceptance.

Q. What is the purpose of the PSA Lifestyle Music Series?

A. As an advocacy program towards the empowerment in positive lifestyle change in our society, it is a way to use influences in music to help schools raise awareness to social issues related to our schools.

It is also a means for the schools to make money and at the same time end the need for the promotion of unhealthy candy and cookie sales as a means to perform fundraising in local communities everywhere.

This is a dedicated musical pay-per-view exclusively benefiting schools and non profit aftercare programs helping to erase obesity and in diabetes prevention while celebrating our pledges for a better life through a National Day of Awareness.

Q. Are the areas where the program is not available?

A. All schools are eligible to participate at no cost to the school no matter their geographical location or size of school and all schools are being encouraged to participate in the proactive interactive program.

Q. What school class grades are eligible to participate?

A. The program is designed to support grades K-12 with various programs suitable for each grade level.

Q.  How does my school sign up for the PSA Lifestyle Tour Schedule?

A. It’s simple and easy, simply check the box indicating your request to be part of the in school tour when regisistering your school.

Q.  Who may sign up the school to participate?

A.  Only authorized personnel such as the schools’ Principal, or other authority who is responsible for school-wide assemblies and public service programs.

Q. How long is the PSA tour and the main event serving as the national PSA fundraising event?

A. The PSA is year around and creates a longer affect in causing change through frequencies created in PSA announcements and programs designed to engage the entire family not just from school using e-learning tools for in school and at-home participation.

The PSA’s fundraising program is part of the PSA for schools needing access to vital funding. These high end entertainment dedicated musical events are to be scheduled twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the fall as a school wide initiative and host support from some of today’s Top musical influences.

Q. Why a fundraising program attachment to the PSA Lifestyle program.

A. Schools can earn up to five (5) times the profit per unit during these organic direct sales sessions vs. what schools earn through traditional candy and cookie sales programs.

It is again helping to eliminate the promotion of sugary foods as giftings to donations made during school organized fundraising programs helping to create a healthy and active community as a whole.