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The Generations Against Bullying Social Acceptance PSA program is not just about those schools and organizations in any one area; it’s about all schools and after-care programs working together to create resources that make a difference!

Generations Against Bullying (GAB) is asking everyone to become an Ambassador of Hope! Hope for a world we can all live next to our neighbors no matter their differences. It starts at the root of what causes bullying, suicide and other negative lifestyle occurrences. The secret to reversing these negative actions that lead to issues is built into the public services ambassadors program. We want to work with you to make to make that happen! Here's how:

Step 1.
Starting August 1, 2019, school administrators and organizations may register to participate at no cost. This is simply by answering a few questions and pledging to join the remaining schools and organizations across the country.

Step 2.
You will be provided every week with useful educational tutorials and information about how to curve negative lifestyle habits. These messages come from our celebrity Ambassadors who are dedicating their time to make a difference. Sign up your school or non-profit organization to take part in the 2019 - 2020 PSA Social Acceptence Lifestyle Music Tour! We want to introduce you to some of the most talented influencers in music and arts. Every artist has a story to share and we want to come to your school and share these same stories. Please indicate your request to be added to the PSA Social Acceptance Tour as a possible stop for the music tour!

Starting in August the PSA program is focused on providing everyone with new healthy alternative fundraising programs to help eliminate the core cause of bad health, candy and cookie dough sales. Fun, family first interactive programs which are very simple to implement and increase profits per unit vs. traditional means of fundraising to your school or organization. Groundbreaking and cutting edge e-Commerce programs that help eliminate the need and use of sugary foods being used as fundraising gifts! (This is a grassroots PSA effort to use more modern and prosperous products).

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